HIV/Aids scrubs medical professionals as walking billboards for positive HIV/Aids messages

HIV/Aids scrubs medical professionals as walking billboards for positive HIV/Aids messages

According to the United Nations statistics of 2019 HIV/Aids is one of the most serious health  concerns in South Africa and the country having the highest number of people living with HIV of any country. Additionally, South Africa hasthe fourth highest adult HIV prevalence rate.

Once considered a death sentence, HIV/Aids is now a manageable chronic disease but Covid 19 has presented some new challenges says Lebo Rapets, Stru Movement MD.

In Nelson Mandela Bay, the horror of covid 19 has taken a heavy toll on communities,  with doctors at high risk of contracting and succumbing to the virus

“I went to Motherwell in Nelson Mandela Bay this other weekend; most people were not wearing their masks. It creates anxiety for people like me. You don’t know who others have come in contact with you do your best to protect yourself,” says Rapetswa

Our approach this time having the medical profession saying thank you to the broader public  for being active participants in taking their ARVs. Stru Movemement will be visiting  Eastern Cape hospitals and have a discussion with management in the hospitals on how using their equipment can help fight the virus

StruMovement is rooted in social advocacy and social activism, now we are getting into that space  with the medical professionals, where in the scrubs they will be walking billboards  for the HIV message and other health afflictions. Millions are already making an effort to be healthy despite the diagnosis, we are acknowledging those efforts, Rapetswa

The HIV/Aids scrubs, worn by doctors as walking billboards, is just one of the many upcoming social advocacy campaigns by StruMovement to educate and spread awareness to broader society

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